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Is Anthropotheosophy a new form of spirit quest or faith that can turn into religion?

No, by no means Anthropotheosophy is neither a new form of faith nor a spirit quest whose propagandists are seeking to develop their own personal institutions.

I emphasize that Anthropotheosophy is a worldview, which may be close to any person worshipping deities, performing any spiritual practices. Of course, such are the most of today’s intelligent people. They simply not yet have found the name of their worldview.

It will open a new page for those who are looking for understanding. It is a powerful force, similar to the Himalayan rivers, which flows through the holes in the rocks, but dropping gain the strength that pours as a high flow at the bottom. The flow touches everything is its path.

So does Anthropotheosophy. In it, the rivers of theosophy and Anthropotheosophy merge into one – the more powerful.

For centuries, we tried to merge all kind of faith into one Faith, but now we see that it is impossible due to such different structures of consciousness. Therefore, if we call our aspirations as a Faith, it once again will sound like a new direction of faith, which considers itself the best. Thus again everything will be damaged instead of uniting and merging.

Therefore, we say that it is not a new direction of religion, but it is the worldview of those whose thinking is more extensive than those souls who are able to cover only one or two aspects of the faith.

Such souls are not yet open for a conscious cognition. They are sheep that get lost without a shepherd.

Anthropotheosophy is dedicated not to the fearful lost sheep but to the free birds. There are different types of birds, but all they can both land on the ground and fly over it. However, only some birds fly up particularly high and majestically. Such are thinking and conscious souls who know their Purpose and carry it out.

It does not matter what country a person lives in, what is his family or belief, what matters is only his free spirit of an eagle or hawk. The spirit lifts him above the worldly concerns and misunderstandings, helping to look at everything from a bird’s eye view.

What person can be considered to be an Anthropotheosophist?

Anthropotheosophist can be called a person confessing any direction of belief or religion who by being in accordance with one tradition does not oppose it to others. He accepts all religions and other forms of belief that are not called religions, as the impulse of Common Consciousness that awake the divine human origin.

He does not deny any religion, deny or despise their deity, but he respects them as well as the sacred writings of those religions.

2007 08 28
M., Kth.