The Redemption Of One’s Bad Thoughts, Words And Deeds

  1. None of your thoughts, words and deeds – both good and bad – are going away unless you change them with the others. Only they become causes giving birth to effects. Therefore, do not miss any second of your new life: think of what you are saying and reflecting, be responsible of what you are doing. This is your only opportunity to redeem the past misunderstanding and actually transform it into the understanding.
  2. Also know the fact that any of your thoughts gives birth to a reciprocal thought of an addressee, your spoken word gives birth to a word of another person whom your word was spoken to, and any of the actions that you are doing to another person leads to his action that he will be doing to you. This is a continuous chain of causes and effects, which can be stopped only by the one who has created the cause.
  3. Even if the cause which was born through one’s thoughts, words, or deeds is met by a conscious addressee who understands the process, so he does not extend but terminate it, the cause remains by the one who has started it, thus he will be meeting the effect created by that cause sooner or later.
  4. A cause created has to be stopped by the one who started it. This is his natural law and the possibility that starts his Evolution. He can do this:
    1. a)with deliberate and sincere deeds;
    2. b)with fair prayer, and the perception of his misunderstanding, by correcting the mistakes and apologizing, if this is related to relationship.

    Without doing it, the individual will meet bad effects in the future due to the causes created by his misunderstanding. In this way, he will suffer until he understands Evil created and sets it free by suffering.

  5. Only the one who has burned his causes of misunderstanding and set fire of Love and Belief in suffering of perception, becomes free from his effects of Evil.
  6. The one who does not understand is torturing others with defects of his misunderstanding. Forgive him as a child because actually he still is a child. Help him to understand, but do not impede his evolution by accepting the effects of his bad deeds to yourself.
  7. Accept everything that you will experience in your life – both luck and misfortune – with gratitude and the realization, that this time You met the effect of cause created by you again. The more understanding on a daily basis will be in you, the more joyful will be the effects, which meet You in the future.