About The Faith And Religions

Once there was a king. And he had seven sons. The sons were kind and wanted to be of service to the Father in every way. Glad was their Father.

When the sons have matured and became real men, the Father called them, and thus spoke:

– I own the whole Earth. I am too old. I cannot keep track of everything. Therefore, I command you and beg. I taught you and educated you. I taught you what I knew myself. Now you have to show how you have mastered the knowledge gained. Each of you, go in the direction that your heart will show to you. Take over the people living there. Teach them The Faith in Kindness as much as you can. Come back in one year and tell me everything.

No sooner said than done. The princes quickly dispersed to different places each in a way familiar to him.

After a year they all re-gathered to the Father’s palace. They had all reached manhood, changed and became even more mature. Their eyes sparkled, disseminating a special light, typical for those who evoke themselves and begin to evoke others.

The eldest son was telling about a country whose people find strength as the highest principle. He taught them to understand the strength and use it intelligently. Then an order came to the country.

The next visited a country where everyone was sad, so he taught them joy. In this way, people have become kinder and friendlier to each other.

The third prince came to a country where no one would accept any teaching. So, he started talking to people about the void, which is also a fullness and on which depends the whole earthly life. This has forced them to ponder and to seek the emptiness.

The fourth came to the people who thought that they were the most correct and everything depended only on them. He spoke to them of the Great Will, without which their will, as well as they themselves, simply would not exist. They understood it. Most began to speak and live so.

The fifth was in a strange country where very wise people lived. He spoke to them about the sky, the stars, the far-reaching distances in spaces and a man himself. They called him their own leader.

The sixth came to intelligent people who tried to explain everything, they explored the nature and the man himself, trying to find out the cause of their origin. They wanted to create what has already been created by the Father. The prince had a lot of work, because he had to prove everything, do wonders and even interpret them.

The seventh went to a nearby country. There were lots of hatred, anger and jealously. Here he talked about Love. They did not understand and mocked him, but there were those who followed him.

Father heard his seven sons and said as follows:

– Here, my kids, you saw that the same things that you were taught, can and must be explained so that the one who listens was able to understand them. You chose the right ways. I am proud of you.

However, some time will pass soon and in the countries where you have been, there will show up those who were near you and listened to your teachings, but they will spread them out in their own way as their only true teachings. This is how dogma is born. Do not be surprised, everyone acts like this whose eyes do not sparkle like yours.

The beginning was done by you, thus you’ve sowed the seed, and now one will have to take care of it as the fruit grows and matures. Once ripe, the fruit will mature new seeds that will grow their own seeds and so endlessly…

Just as with my teachings, deep-set into the ground of your hearts, that sprouted and gave fruit, which you carried to others, and those – yet to others.

Is it possible to say that one or the other fruit is the best, if they are all born of the same seed?

2008 04 17