About The Conception Of The World

  1. The Starting point and the Ending of everything is a Common Consciousness that on Earth breaks up into the numerous forms of Faith, suited to a corresponding human consciousness so that the consciousness was able to understand divinity.
  2. For that reason, there cannot be any one religion taking precedence over the other.
  3. All religions introduced by the true messengers of Common Consciousness – God have their meaning, as well as the followers corresponding to the quality of their consciousness.
  4. God or the Common Consciousness is everywhere: in the celestial bodies and phenomena, minerals and water, vegetation, animals, fish and birds, as well as every man.
  5. Objects created by man possess that man’s consciousness. Consequently, he becomes the creator of them.
  6. If science is not yet able to explain something, that does not mean that it does not exist.
  7. Common Consciousness is manifested through consciousness of different worlds, of which the material world consciousness in the densest.
  8. That is why there is so much unconsciousness on the Earth, which gives rise to suffering for those living on it.
  9. Aim to consciousness and daily inner work describes the true attitude and the Path of Anthropotheosophist.