The Ancient Scriptures hide the wisdom under the seven locks. Which lock will be unlocked depends on the understanding of the ones reading. The first lock – for the one who knows letters. The second lock – for the one who can put words together. The third lock – for the one who can read the text. And, only from the fourth lock onwards, begins the knowledge of the true meaning of the Scriptures. The knowledge has nothing to do with dogma, because they are antipodes. Thus, dogma claims to have found the Truth after unlocking the second lock and having started to unlock the third one… However, dogma has always been a servant of misunderstanding. Therefore, dogma protects misunderstanding.

Anthropotheosophy is the key that can help unlock many locks, also it does not matter whether You would like to unlock the Ancient Scriptures or the other sacred texts. However, it is not enough to insert a key into the lock. Passwords are required to unlock beginning with the fourth lock. The lock will not open without belief.

It is time to unravel some of the mystery by using words. We will achieve this, although we know that words cannot remain undistorted by those who see no locks on our books, and those who think that a combination of words says it all.