What Is Anthropotheosophy?

People hackneye and distort everything new provided for them. Once we said: you threw a stone into the water, and the water circles rippled. The stone has drowned while circles still ripple. It is how wisdom drowns and turns into triviality.

However, that wisdom still has time to educate and inspire those who understand and carry it further. The path of a wisdom carrier is difficult. Every time has its own difficulties. At that time, it was not easy as few people were educated and literate. The problem of this time are that there are too many of them. Intelligent people hackneye the wisdom and its inner value is lost. Wisdom sounds crazy in the lips of a conceited person. When wisdom, once again, is uttered by the wise man, everyone says: “This is what we already know. You are not telling me anything new”. Consequently, it is difficult to convey wisdom to a man of our times. In order to experience wisdom such a man sets off in far-flung travels, takes spiritual practices, but it’s all a fruitless effort if his mind aims only at one thing – to know more than the other. Knowledge – is not yet wisdom. Knowledge can be acquired through the mind’s gymnastics, but wisdom cannot be gained by using a training equipment. Many don’t actually want to change their perception. They complain about the lack of time. How it is all stupid…

Anthropotheosophy is the wisdom of God perceived by a man. An anthropotheophist accepts the whole cosmos, the Earth and what is on it, including himself as a single living organism. Both the planets, stars, centers of galaxies, meteorites or comets, rocks and mountains, oceans and rivers, tress and plants, animals and birds, like the man himself are alive for him, because everything belongs to the same system and exist according to the same patterns: they all breathe which means that they are alive and if so they must have consciousness. The only difference are the evolutionary stages of this consciousness.

The task of the anthropotheosophist is to explain unexplained phenomena to this generation, to reveal the meaning of perception and its possibilities so that a man could actually feel himself as an equal part of the universe, respecting all that surrounds him as his real brothers and sisters regardless of what form they currently possess. There will come a time for him to grasp that all forms fit in one formless body of immense size, called the Common Consciousness, or God.

So, the God is everywhere: He gives the message by flying as a bird. He feeds you in the forest by giving you this body in the form of berries and mushrooms. He protects you from the wind in the form of a rock, gives you to drink by becoming pure water.

This was the Belief in ancient times. The Gods have brought this Belief to the Earth. As long as people have lived under the Belief, there was peace. When they saw themselves as exceptional, trouble and strife began.

2006 11 28