The Path

A drop of pure consciousness fell into the body.
How tight and how dark it is here.
A difficult march is waiting for him
While being in the dark and tightness.
“I had a freedom.
I breathed it.
Now I got into a terrible slavery.
How could I become the Light again?”

A short path is from the Light to Darkness,
But it is a long way out of the Darkness into the Light.
Who decides to take the path –
Will have to cross the seven seas:
The first – a sea of blood –
Teeming with terrible creatures.
They are angry and always hungry.
You will overcome them with patience.

The second – a glue sea –
Can quickly bog you down.
You will cross the sea by becoming light.

The third – a fire sea –
Can burn you down.
You will cross the sea only by becoming the fire yourself.

The fourth – a sea of love euphoria –
You can be lulled by sirens.
Increase your vigilance in order to pass.

The fifth – a sea of information –
You can be drawn into Knowledge.
You must understand in order to pass.

The sixth – a sea of bliss –
You can be stopped by bliss.
You will pass it in silence.

The seventh sea – is the most tempting.
It is a sea of wisdom.
You can be stopped by Wisdom.
You will cross it by becoming non-existent.
Then you will return to the Light,
Because you will become the Light yourself.
Only then your Light cannot be extinguished,
Even if you fall into the body again.

2008 06 04