About The Relationship

  1. Parents, Homeland and Earth – these are one of the main objects of earthly concerns, respect and love.
  2. Accept and love those, with whom you are connected with the common ties of karma, because this is the only way to release them.
  3. You have to be true to both yourself and the other as this is the best way to learn the true Justice.
  4. Do not appropriate anything that does not belong to You – from things to thoughts and ideas, unless it was given to You.
    Doing so creates communication and understanding, and finally – throat problems in the future.
  5. Be merciful to those who do not understand, and help them to understand if they request it.
    Do not thrust the understanding like food to the one that does not want it, but not do his work for him either. By doing his work you will form the wrong attachment which will take away Your forces.
  6. Speak when asked, but remember that Knowledge – it is a gift that can only be earned by a fair lifetime’s work.
    Consequently, everyone knows as much as his work performed him allows.
  7. Do not talk to the one who don’t ask you and who don’t seek knowledge, because he still did not understand that without Love one can not find the true Knowledge.
    Therefore, to those failing to understand talk about Love and goodness of God, so they strived to become better.
  8. Live and treat the others so that in the hour of death you would not be ashamed of a single minute of your life, so that you would not like to change none of it.