The Basic Life Principles Of An Anthropotheosophist

Believe HIM, from whom came all kinds of religion and Faith, the entire Cosmos and all Laws under which He forms and develops himself, all cosmic objects, including the Earth and what is on it, and thus You.


Three Basic Principles of Faith:

  1. Only Love can reconcile the worlds, defeat wars, soothe the suffering and resurrect the fallen. Only Love opens Consciousness and helps to understand God.Become Love. Be Love.
  2. Truth is one: it all began and will end in Him.
    People break up the Truth into billions of particles, imagining that the Truth is difficult, that it cannot be that simple.
    Believe essential Truth, not its particles.Only then, You will get inside of it and get to Know it.
  3. Everything that has a beginning, also has end. It is Evolution.
    Those, who want to stop what is unstoppable, suffer themselves.
    Those, who are trying to accelerate the process by imagining themselves as gods – suffer as well.Therefore be in a conscious Evolution, and then You will always be where you are needed to be and when it is necessary for You.