The Story About The Living Crystal

Krishna said: “Rejoice.”
Christ said: “Love.”
Buddha said: “Be.”

Has anyone of them taught: “Conquer”?
Has anyone of them invited: “Occupy”?
What their followers did? What are they doing now?

After the teacher leaves his earthly body, his followers try to live as they were taught. A True Teacher, knowing the lives of the highest realms, teaches the truth of these realms. He teaches the one to build a kingdom of Love and Consciousness in his heart, surroundings and on the Earth. In this way, he teaches by knowing the value of Love and Consciousness.

The conscious one breathes Freedom given to him by Faith in Love and Light of Consciousness.

Such a one can not be affected or controlled, because he possesses an insurmountable force given to him by the true values of Spirit.

The rational mind has its own kingdom. It talks about knowledge, consciousness, freedom and love, but its words are empty, because by speaking so it strives to control others. It plays with human credulity. It does not like the ones with the free heart who can see and reveal its evil intentions. In every way, it fights with them and belittle them.

Therefore, on the Earth live both, those who seek to control, and those who do not seek for it.

Those who want to control others, cry the Confrontation for help. It comes with Pride, War and the art of manipulation.

The free one does not want to control others. He serves to harmony. In his transparent palace Love, Peace and Consciousness resides.

A long time ago, when people of the Earth began to quarrel for the very first time, the Confrontation moved to Earth. Soon it took root, increasing strife. Discord fed it, so it strengthened and expanded.

Confrontation knew that somewhere the great waters surrounded a mountain-island where transparent Harmony palace stood. In its central hall, the Great Universal Harmony Crystal was protected. She knew that all world’s secrets were written in the Crystal, and that it possessed the power for everything that was alive. She knew that the one in whose hands the Crystal falls, can become a lord of the world. She started looking for the place, but the island was invisible for those whose hearts were poisonous. She used to know the place of the island through her associates, but she could not find anything after coming there. She heard rumors that the island could find itself at different locations. In this way, those who placed the Universal Harmony Crystal on the Earth, protected accesses to it.

Assistants of Confrontation cannot find the island. Only a man with pure heart, who cares for others more than himself, can get there.

All kinds of people live on Earth.

There are those who serve Confrontation. There are workers of Harmony. There are unresolved ones who doubt and get confused, by choosing now one way now another. There are those who lean against stronger ones, searching for shelter.

The man who values the Harmony becomes aware of mysterious island and the precious Crystal placed in it. He also discovers that the Great Light gave the Crystal to Earth, so that all who live on Earth and strive for the Light, would take its emitted Love, Harmony and Peace directly to their hearts. In this way, the Light will live in the hearts of people and the whole Earth. Believing it, the man begins to settle the Harmony Palace in his heart so that the Harmony of Crystal could enter it. His perception grows as he purifies his vices with Love, strives for Peace among all the inhabitants of the Earth. The palace is built in this way. The will to create Kindness in his heart and on Earth sets up fire of Freedom in the bold man’s heart, who is not afraid of severe struggle against Confrontation that wishes to pull up all growing seeds of Kindness. That fire cleans all, what hinders dominance of Kindness and Harmony. When this occurs, in man’s Universal Harmony Palace of the heart the living Harmony Crystal begins to grow. Then the path for Confrontation is closed.

Confrontation freezes and starts to wait. Unable to find the magic island, it hankers after living Crystal grown in the human heart. She knows that even the greatest man of wisdom or the bravest soldier wears the human body. The body gets tired. This is exactly what she’s waiting for. While waiting, she beats her waves against the walls of Palace built by the man, searching for the fatal gap. After finding it, she slips through a narrow thread in to the transparent palace. Then she draws up all the flow through the thread and hurries into living Harmony Crystal formed with his own life. The Crystal is majestic and clear. Just like in the Great Palace of Absolute Harmony.

The goal of Confrontation is to destroy the powerful living Crystal. Desperately she needs to do this because it prevents her shady work.

Huge black waves of Confrontation, with all their force concentrated, wind around the Crystal searching for the fatal gap so that she would get inside and explode it.

The more important is man’s work for the future of mankind, the brighter, wiser and more prominent he is, the more maliciously he’s attacked by waves of Confrontation. The waves are full to the brim of all human vices and most painful attachments. Categorical mind ruffles the waves even more.

It is a real trouble for the wise bold man if he gives up due to terrible trials. Then Confrontation slips through into his heart, where the Harmony Palace is built. She brings together all her forces, uses all mastery of manipulations in order to enter deep into the Palace of the heart.

A man, who in his heart created Harmony Palace and grew himself the living Harmony Crystal, becomes the bearer of the Harmony Crystal. He carries it in his heart by testifying its presence with his life and deeds.

People who have not yet created such Palace in their hearts are easily deceived by confrontation. She likes to pretend to be Harmony. Then the man opens himself in joy and does not perceive how quickly he begins to see everything through the eyes of Confrontation.

The human body protects the Palace of the heart from external influences. It is weak. Therefore, the palace is not protected even in the body of living Harmony Crystal carrier. Confrontation finds her gaps towards each Palace. Household worries and pointless bureaucratic things are enough to cast dense and strong web on the awakened and he becomes confused. Trying to escape from the web he gets tired, his body gets sick and the mind gives up. Confrontation waited for such moment for a long time. So now, she rushes to send her prepared associates. These are important and dear people to Crystal bearer. This is how she plays with the grains of human weaknesses. She possesses different fertilizer used to nourish these grains so that the remaining weaknesses quickly throve and grew. This is how she fortifies herself in the human body so she could creep closer to the Palace. A wounded man does not feel how he opens the Palace gate himself. Then Confrontation enters as conqueror and begins to dictate her own terms.

Only the pure faith of Crystal living in Palace of his own heart can save the man. Faith brings together a great force and attracts insurmountable power of Love and powerful Light from the Great Universal Harmony Crystal located in magical island, bathed by the Sea. This Light crosses through all intentions of Confrontation, takes off masks from her associates. In this way, Crystal bearer is ready for his Path again, because Confrontation leaves his heart and body with the speed of light.

Although Confrontation is aware of holy island place coming hurriedly to it, but even seeing it from a distance she cannot reach it. Suddenly the cloud circle hides the island from the viewer’s eyes. When clouds clear, where there was an island, the sea lingers.

She is angry about it, and denies the existence of Crystal. She fears it horribly. She fears because she can see its strength that people possess who grew living Crystal in their hearts. The strength is strange. It is incomparable and invincible.

She cannot understand the dedication of the people that they use struggling for others, not for themselves. The cleaner and purer a man is, the more difficult it is to find gaps in him for Confrontation. Angry with such she rises those against the Crystal bearer, the very ones who he is fighting for. She is surprised that even then he is not angry but devotes himself to his work even more. She does not understand that due to this dedication the force of living Crystal grows even more. The palace of the man’s heart becomes a special temple that provides everything needed for selfless, gives shelter when everybody around push away. The main altar of the temple the living Harmony Crystal, grown by believing. The man donates his entire life to it.

After the death of Crystal bearer, his Crystal remains alive, even if that person didn’t create an earthly temple. Therefore, people are going to the place where the Crystal bearer lived to gain new strength. If he created a temple on Earth, there remains his Crystal. Such becomes a Harmony Palace on Earth.

At all times Confrontation wants to destroy the bearers of living Crystal and their established temples. She would make up all kinds of pretentiousness in order to reach her target.

Confrontation rejoices when the Crystal bearer undresses his earthly body and returns to his Father who had sent him. She tries to occupy the temple of Crystal bearer left on Earth and seize the Crystal, by using the pain of his followers and assistants. Often, she succeeds because she can pretend to be anything.

After the death of Crystal bearer she cannot pretend to be him, but she can pretend to be the Harmony Crystal. Dressed in Beautiful outfits and wearing proper make-up, she deftly hides the living Crystal in a safe place and sits herself in its place. But people who know the living Crystal bearer, rarely believe that she is the crystal. So, they start on a journey to find the hidden crystal.

For centuries, she puzzled over what to do and invented a new way to entice people and preserve them from the impact of living Crystal, so that they never awakened. She commanded her assistants to create exactly the same crystal. Smart and intelligent helpers easily fulfilled the task. Outwardly, their crystal created did not differ from the living Crystal at all. There was only one problem: the crystal manufacturers failed to inspire life to it, which could light up people hearts with its power of inner Light.

Then Confrontation commanded to create such light. Again, helpers labored for six days and nights, a period of six months and further six years.

However, the work has been fruitless. Then one said:

Let’s light up the bottom of crystal.

They were thrilled and developed such blinding light that would glare the human eye and therefore, he would not be able to raise his eyes or closed his eyes.

With his eyes closed the man will not know that the crystal is blank and the light is equipped in its root, – they decided. – Let him be afraid of the light. Then we will rule the world.

This was done.

The true disciples of living Crystal bearer did not believe the lie, thus they went out into the world to search for the real hidden living Crystal. They talked to people about the fraud, but few believed them, as previously they did not believe the Crystal bearer.

Blinded by artificial light, people believed deceivers. They began to pray artificial light, ordered by Confrontation. They were afraid to lift up their eyes, so that the harsh artificial light would not dazzle them.

The places where the living Crystal bearers lived were not enough for owners of artificial crystal and its light, they were anxious to get the whole world. Therefore, they began to carry their work everywhere. They used to command everybody to humbly lower their eyes and forbid to look directly to crystal, so that any of courageous men would not know the truth. If anyone doubted the veracity of crystal, Confrontation would call them good-for-nothing unenlightened people. They preached that the true Crystal belonged only to them, which light was the brightest, thus so blinding.

At that time in those laboratories where crystal of Confrontation was created, new artificial crystals began to grow themselves. Assistants of Confrontation were thrilled and they made her glad with such things. And she commanded:

Go and sow artificial crystals, where once the living Crystal bearers lived. Look after them. Just when you hear and know that anywhere on Earth the true living Crystal bearer is born, hurry to install the larger and more beautiful artificial crystal near by. Light it as bright as possible. Then it will shine brighter than shining heart of the living Crystal bearer. While his crystal gains strength, we will gain control over the people, so they will no longer believe in light of the living Crystal bearer, and they will believe in our artificial light.

That is how it was done.

This story happened as soon as the first living Crystal grew up in the heart of a man, and the man left the Earth after building the temple of the heart. It was continued.

Confrontation winds in every way possible around every new living Crystal bearer. She is testing the daring man in every way. She strives to destroy the newly growing sacred Crystal. She tries everything possible… When her schemes fail, and the Crystal continues to grow, she hurries to place her dead crystal, beautifully lit with colors, near the Crystal bearer. Bright colors and light capture the lost unresolved ones or those who mixed up artificial beauty with the true one. Fake beauty of dead Crystal attracts those who do not possess inner life. It allures those who believe in sanctimony of fake crystal guardians and their tempting unction.

However, there are always those who are aware of the sacred island and the Crystal in it that gives people the power of Light. They believe in this power and are determined to grow their own Crystals. Such rapidly separate true from false and try to warn others. They suffer when they see that people charmed by Confrontation cannot hear their speech or even are angry with them that they dare to question the artificial crystal and its light.

Such are inconvenient and harmful to Confrontation. She is trying to seduce them in every way, later she threatens. She wants to find out the mystery of Crystal growth, because until now she did not know it.

She mixes up the ways of those who started to grow the living Crystal in their hearts. She lures them with what is important to them, and threatens them with losses. She is afraid that they will share with others the secret of living Crystal growth in them. The one in whose heart Harmony lives is free, so he is not a slave to anyone, but he also does not seek to control others. Such a one does not allow to make other people slaves of manipulations, because there are still some that can hear their warnings.

Therefore, never forget that the living Crystal of Faith is constantly accompanied by Confrontation.

She is angry, trembles, lies and declares that the Crystal growing in the human heart is fake, and that she possesses the true one.

She prepares huge challenges to Crystal bearer. They strengthen him. He must not succumb to what an ordinary man would succumb to.

Challenge also awaits those who believed in the Crystal bearer.

Those who have heard what was said, you know.

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