The Symbol Of Anthropotheosophy

Symbol Of Anthropotheosophy

The meaning of the symbol:

Center – is a Common Consciousness,
Heptagon Star – the seven directions and forms of the manifestation of the consciousness,
The great triangle, facing upward – is the triangle of the Spirit, so:

  • one of its line is That what is supposed to be perceived,
  • second – The Knowledge or He,
  • third – the one who perceives.

Square – the four basic elements: earth, fire, water and air, realizing itself at the level of materiality.

To illustrate this we’ll remind you the process and scheme of the Divine pantheon formation in various locations on the earth. This will be a key for a thoughtful reader examining the beginning of religions and the peculiarities of their fomation.

Children of God coming to the Earth believed in HIM, from whom everything began, and HER without whom there would have been no Him.

It is like day and night, where the day is what is shown or is revealed, and the night – this is what is not shown in any way and unrevealed, hence, what may be perceived as a stimulus for Him that may be shown and revealed in various ways later on.

He and She had a lot of work, so they could not be bothered. So, there had to be someone who could transfer His and Her instructions to their own creation, thus somebody who maintained a connection with them so that the creation lived according to the required procedure and understood what should be understood. It was the Great Gods Divine intermediary function (Thoth – in Egypt, Hermes – in Hellas, seven Rishi also known as messengers of The Great Ursa Major – in India, Archangel Metatron – in Chaldean and later Judaic Kabbalah, etc.)

So, this is the triangle facing upward, which we have already described. All of these are symbols that every time in every nation acquire their own characteristics and are perceived in their own way. Most of you can understand it as the Divine Trinity, that is the primary emission of Light in three light soft colors (see the “Seven Rays And Their Masters” by Astrea, 2009).

Areas of material consciousness have their own rules, like layers of any other consciousness. The result is yet another triangle, facing downward. In theosophy, it symbolizes (“Mahatmas Letters”, p. 462) form, color and substance, as well as creating, preserving and destructive forces (this triangle is perfectly expressed in Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva).

Both of these triangles combined form the reader-known star of David, or Solomon’s seal. In fact, the triangle, facing upward, means a sacred or invisible wisdom, while the triangle, facing down, means the wisdom has already been perceived or is being perceived.

So those who are curious, explore what deity in religions that interest You represented the principles explained above.

For the current time, as you can see, instead of the triangle facing downward, we used the square. Analyze the current existing religions, and you will understand why.

You know the basic four elements of earth, fire, water and air. Fifth element, filling the space – it is known as ether.

Each of these elements has the exclusive power, which is then shaped by energy formations (eggregors) that represent the elements. So, by being very strong these elements are incomprehensible and uncontrollable for the human, thus they were deified and called names. They were especially loved by all pagan and shamanic religious orientations (e.g., Gaia in Greece, Geb in Egypt, Žemyna, Žemėpatis in Lithuania, etc.).

The square of the four elements is the basis of earthly existence. It is the basis of a pyramid. In ancient sacred astrology teachings it was considered to be the fixed or constant cross which is also known as a builder here, a cross of the world savior there, Avatar gateway or Sphinx elsewhere. This is the body of the Taurus, the splender the Leo, the wing of the Eagle (Scorpio) and the face of a man (Aquarius). Taurus; the one who is able to work with patience by sowing values, Leo; the one who carries the creative fire and is able to lead, Scorpio or The Eagle; the one who is able to change himself and change others by transforming the death to a new life, and Aquarius; the one who transmits ideas to the future, thus getting himself free and setting free others.

At the top of the square is the fifth element; the ether. Usually the most important of the nation‘s God with a lot of duties represent the element (Zeus – in Hellas, Perkūnas, or Thunder – in Lithuania, etc.). In some places he is managing according to the Sun god (Egypt), elswhere he is more independent.

At that time all these Gods gained more assistants who each were called their own names in each place on the Earth. The assistants had to hurry to help all of the human concerns. In this way, gradually formed energy structures for each such assistant, eventually turning into an energy formation (eggregor).

It is now difficult to distinguish whether first there were Priests – Consecrated that developed the necessary structure when there was a need, then encapsulated it into the astral robe and gave it powers with their prayers, or structures of the Spiritual thought world descended into the astral worlds to provide assitance to men who settled themselves on the Earth.

Thus the symbol represents the descent of Common Consciousness from the Spirit worlds to material level in seven directions and forms of its manifestation. This symbol refers to both the descent phases of the spirit to materiality, and should help to understand the one who perceives the Truth the Way to return Home. One can return home only after the Truth is perceived.

There will be a separate volume of anthropotheosophy describing that Way.

For some, it is time to understand and use this information. For some, the time has not come yet. They will not understand even why we are talking about the whole thing.

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