About The Junction Of The Worlds

Question: Various sources blurt that we are living in the junction of the worlds. Explain that.

Answer (Master):

Higher odds than before open for evolution of Consciousness. You can see the signs of the process on a daily basis: one day can become a month or even a year, i.e., it may seem for a man that he lived his full life in one day. It is a time acceleration, typical for such periods. The last similar, but not the same things took place approximately 11 thousand years ago.

Therefore, we say: take advantage of every given second to You, because any of them could open up new ways to You and Your surroundings.

Notice how those who live in this way, develop faster than others. Those who do not understand this, do not use such a rare chance, so they make no headway. Therefore, those who do not understand, trying to continue to live their usual life, complain louder and louder of their human troubles, in which their character traits preventing their evolution are revealed as never before.

At such times, three things are required:

  1. The self-discipline, which is a great self-help tool that also helps to remember one’s promises and taken responsibilities, so that no new bad karma is created.
  2. The faith in one’s Path and guides. It should be maintained through prayers and practices constantly and consciously.
  3. A quick reaction to what is going on, making decisive instant decisions sacrificing one’s attachments for the sake of changes.

At such times, the winner is the one who is not looking for stability for many years, but accepts what’s going on calmly and creatively. Understand that this is the time of revolutions and changes in people’s consciousness, and with it – in all areas of life.
Therefore, do what you have to do, and do not look around.Approvals and denials will be later. Now – it is time to work, so everyone has to join the work in the best way possible in his field and in his surroundings.

No dreams about the future, but work is needed now. Each soul that is ready for changes helps those who are not ready yet, especially in her surroundings.

You wonder why there are so many seriously ill and dying ones now. Such is the time. You should have already understood.

There are those who do not keep up with the time – they have to pass away.

There are those who completed all their earthly work – they have to pass away.

There are those who possess the soul, but have succumbed to evil and pollute the space – they have to pass away.

There are those who have undertaken woes of their relatives, loved ones or even Motherland – so their physical bodies no longer sustain the terrible load.

However, there are very strong souls coming who will shape the future.

There are those coming who will bear everything what will be going on.

There are those coming who will fight against the Goodness.

There are soldiers of Light coming.

All this will strengthen and grow before the end of 2012, and will form by 2017. After that, there will be a new push which will depend on the way people will have lived before that.

There will be more experiences and “miracles”, confirming the existence of other worlds. Even now, many can capture with their cameras, or even see with their physical eyes the multicolored luminous objects called plasmoids. Previously, they used to be the guardians of temples or special places. These are structures of different worlds that stimulate consciousness processes. Now You will begin to notice them, even in your home.

These structures may be next to people, they may enter them if they are invited to. They can open up what has to be opened up, purify what needs to be purified, heal what needs to be healed, they can help to understand and decide. They can help a man with broad consciousness at his work who knows what he is doing when he works through consciousness of the world which the structure belongs to. Thus, they can come for help to a man who understands the Process, especially the one who can control it.

Therefore, do not panic if you do not have something or if you have too little, or if something is not going as you expected.

Different rules apply in the worlds of broad consciousness.

The higher odds of evolution that the soul possesses, the more is required from her, and thus her purification is more painful at all levels – the spiritual, physic and physical.

If in this period you are living in abundance and comfort which you had in the past, if you look around self-satisfied and the pain of others doesn’t effect You, then it means that you are bogged down in your own devising illusion where evolution has no place.

For those who have souls – it is a soul jam.

For those who do not have souls, – it is a natural condition. The latter will continue to do what they want to do until the end of 2012 as mentioned, but later – the repayment will be waiting for them too.

Therefore, salute challenges and changes. It is their time. You were born to live in such a time. You have accepted the challenge before coming to Earth. We are repeating: do it. By doing yourselves invite the others to act as well. You will win if you do so because you will accelerate your own evolution including those who are surrounding you. The evolution is impossible without new perceptions of changes in different spheres of life.

2010 01 26