About The New Coming Of Christ

During the difficult period of the Earth a new legion of soldiers of God is sent to it. They belong to different rays, but the ray of Love unites them all now. This is a new coming of Christ, which takes place between 2006 and 2018.

These soldiers are begotten as the stars specify. They are born to parents who are clean inside, but they die quickly. Many of them die unexpectedly without being ill. They die before the ninth month after birth. These are special children: calm and unpretentious, joyous and bright. They have a health-giving effect on the environment, which they come to, including their parents and relatives. These children are threefold:

  • The first ones die suddenly without being ill, under strange circumstances. In such cases, sudden infant death syndrome, or cardiac arrest is certified.
  • The second ones die with serious incurable illnesses. They sacrifice for the family which they come to, cleaning themselves and silently encouraging others to become renewed.
  • The third ones die much later in life (up to 21 years). In most cases, these are sensitive and talented children. They also sacrifice for the family.

Both the second and the third ones could be somehow related with one of parent families, or not.

What is the purpose of such a sacrifice? What is the meaning of such suffering? This worries everyone who is related with such situations.

In this period of human development, the meaning is overwhelming, when the Earth is populated with so many inhabitants, when people got used to the prophets and saints, therefore they no longer value them, and they could not recognize Christ or any other Great soul coming, they would take him for a new wonder-worker or a charlatan.

Every human being is influenced mainly by the processes taking place in his own family. You will rarely find any indifferent to these processes, thus in a good family all feel strong, and in a poor one – they are struggling.

The loss of the most loved ones is experienced the most painfully, not cataclysms or anything else.

This is why this way of soul awakening has now been chosen, which helps to regenerate all family members.

It is difficult to understand for the rational mind because it looks like a great injustice. However, the deep wisdom of Grand Plan’s soul guiding opens up for those who believe in soul eternity and the Spirit.

These souls coming to sacrifice themselves for others are examples of love and kindness that clean the family, which they come to. In this way, many more people on Earth can open themselves to Kindness, Love and Light. They want to believe in Love, in which they may once again reunite with loved ones who are gone.

Did not Chris teach this? Do not all spiritual trainings teach this? However, these souls do not only this.

The first group, innocent babies, also bring with them the permanent atoms of their ray, which they leave in spaces of the Earth. It puts on the clothing of glowing golden plasmoid, which can be seen on the energetic level, or it can be even recorded by sensitive cameras, so that it was activated if necessary.

Therefore, souls of such children go, leaving the divine atom. The ancient sages, who knew about the problems of soul awakening, stayed in the seventh layer of intermediary space consciously, so that people that are ready to perceive could have easier access the Light of Spirit. Such places on the Earth are called spiritual residences by most spiritual trends. These are namely the places where pilgrims travel to. These are namely the places, where miracles, spiritual conversions and important perceptions occur. These are places of spirit’s impulse. In some places, they are above the ancient sacred places, elsewhere – over the area where the saint lived and worked, etc. Therefore, the one of the priests is a real priest, who created such residence over the place where he worked, while still living on Earth. The more such places, the closer to the Earth the force of Spirit’s Light is established, the better for mankind and the Earth, because through them the Light becomes more accessible. The less of these places, the harder for those seeking for Light to directly touch it and get its impulse in order to strengthen and grow.

Therefore, the old sacred sites over which dedicated sages work with the help of spiritual power are extremely important. The more such places the country possesses, the stronger is the Spirit of the nation, and the more its purity and strength people believing in it can gain.

In many places, the sacred sites have already been contaminated and destroyed, and the old wise men who lived there, had to go away because everything has its own time. In some places, the energy eggregors created by them have remained.

Currently, other methods have been chosen for the Spirit to come to the people.

Atoms of divine Spirit, brought by the Soldiers of God, refresh the country to which they come, and the spaces of the Earth, and enhance overbalance of Light. This is necessary, because it is more and more difficult for those, who are on the Earth and seek Light, to break through difficult waves of manipulations.

Therefore, these children become guides to their parents. The Light of their spirit touches all family members by purifying everything that they have the brightest in them in order to wake up and start living anew.

Sometimes such souls come back to the same parents. A lot of work is waiting for them. Therefore, these children – are missionaries of God’s legion, each of which has his own work.

Their deaths – is the Mystery of baptism and transformation. Baptism facilitates and strengthens the installation of the permanent atom. Therefore, currently it is important to baptize children born before the third month. It is rare to find a priest that is able to do so after death. Glory to those, who are so clean that they can help these souls. These priests, performing required rituals, acquire the support from all rays.

2012 09 23

Every person has his doubts to overcome, and to find truth.

It is usual for a man to walk around the house with window lights burning, and not find the door, through which he could get into it.

Then he tells the others that he has seen the light, even though he could not reach it. Then he speculates, what is the light there, inside.

One thus sees the house in the outskirts, the other sees a magnificent castle, or even a radiant city. Everybody sees his own vision. For some people, they melt as soon as they appear.

The one finds the door, who strongly believes that if he sees the light, he will certainly find the door to it. He will not go away without finding it. For such, his Faith shows the door and opens it.

Therefore, do not ask about the Path, but prepare for it. If you think, that you are ready – go.

2010 03 20 S.