About The Suffering

The suffering purifies, the suffering helps to distinguish.
Nobody came without the suffering.
The one is guided who is in suffering, not the one who is talking about it.
The suffering is when those in whom you trusted turn away.
The suffering is when the crowd spits on you, and a part of it praises you.
Then be between those who are spitting on you and praising you.

Everyone who sets out to the true Path undergoes this.
Those who are not able to get into the Path are afraid of it.
They are thinking that the painful Path is fake.
They are unreal themselves.

To be in between – that is the Middle Path,
Its name is loneliness.
The loneliness presses and squeezes,
Purifies and comforts you.

When that happens, one needs to remain silent.
The work becomes real only when it makes suffer the one who was doing it.
So carry Your bloody heart spat all over
And do not show it to anyone.
Smile, as if it was easy to…

Those who complain are pushed and despised.
Weakness – it is just for you and us.
For the others – it is strength, power and invulnerability.
Heart cries, but the eyes must smile.

This is the bread of those who are walking the path.
Do, when it is easy to do.
Do not do, if it is difficult.
Then step back and collect your remains.
Find the middle.

I say: the suffering purifies you.
A star may not be born without it.
Therefore, those are afraid of the suffering,
Who came just to be.

2009 03 18