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Question: There is a growing number of contactors. There are those who call themselves Messengers, Light Ambassadors or otherwise. Many of them are identifying one of Your Brothers, Maha Chohan, Sanat Kumara, etc as a source of their contact. How could a searcher distinguish what is real and what is not?


The path of distinguishing the real from the unreal is also the Path of purification. It is long and full of tests. In the beginning, they can not be called tests. This is nothing else than, “sickness” with what is misunderstood in events, situations and conditions in order to understand what needs to be understood. It is what you like to call karma.

This is the law, according to which each someone’s once created cause returns back as its own effects in which the cause has to be “healed”, suffered, thus understood and replaced with another. This is the bottom line – the Essence. Therefore, as we have already said, each understands as much as his karma permits. According to this is the distinguishing. “Cosmic consecrations” written by Astrea were dedicated to understand the Path. Study and discover. This book also should have answered this question.

Once again, let’s separate contactors from Disciples.

Those whom we work with, we call them the Disciples (after the Second Cosmic Consecration) or candidates for Disciples (after phase II from the First Cosmic Consecration). We work directly with Disciples, and we prepare candidates for future jobs through our Disciples. Some of them help us, being with us now in the other plans, the others – on Earth.

It is especially difficult for those who are on Earth. They become middlemen and conductors of our work and Ideas. This is how we call them. We are not giving them ambitious titles like Messenger or Ambassador, protecting them from falling or slipping. We do not promise or offer them anything, except for the work for the sake of humanity and for the Idea, by forgetting themselves.

Our Disciples live lives that others cannot understand. Their rules are strange, they hardly meet the conception of the average spirit’s user, but correspond to ours. Those “sagacious” intelligent ones are funny, imagining that they figured them out… One needs to live this way in order to understand lives of our Disciples and ours. It is a rare person who would be able to live this way. They understand us, so we speak with them.

There are many of those who go to the Great Path, ready to travel it without losing their way. The vast majority cannot reach the First Gate (“Seven Rays and Their Masters” by Astrea) – they are fascinated by temptations.

However, those who get stuck past the Gate upset us the most. Therefore, the first phase after the First Cosmic Consecration becomes one of the strongest tests of real motives for path and distinguishing of real – unreal. Many of these get bogged down fascinated by their own imaginary spirituality, future prospects, or they simply want to live as they used to, frightened with their first refusals…

As Disciples, we only accept candidates tested in marches. While consciousness is not ready, the human mind cannot understand us, so we do not talk to anyone.

We prepare ourselves whom to talk to… It is not a single earthly life-long work. Mental earthly space is severe. There are errors resulting from fatigue, “overeat” of toxic human thoughts. The same Disciples who made them return to correct them.

Understand the way you want, dear, it has already been said way too much. Reasonable one will not understand, and we only remind the wise one…

We are talking about a permanent job with oneself, especially assessing such qualities as sincerity, simplicity, dedication to high Ideas and sacrifice for the sake of them. That naturally defines the requirements for the one who seeks.

A devotee of ideas should always be between those who praise and condemn, because such is his life. This is a life on the edge of the sharpest knife blade.

A disciple knows the price of his responsibility. It is not understandable to the consumer. It is also incomprehensible to the one who is just going to be a Disciple. Responsibility grows with each new perception. This is why such people are exceptional. They are exceptional due to their responsibility unbearable to others, which they voluntarily accepted, knowing what awaits them.

Work is waiting for them, more and more work for the sake of those who are trying to understand, and for the sake of those who do not understand and therefore profane them in every way possible. The work can be very hard to understand for those who only appreciate the exterior, but it is also not very clear to those who do not yet perform such work, but maybe sometime they are going to perform it. It has already been written about that in books by Astrea.

We are talking bluntly and without embellishment. Thus, if we are talking in this way, so speak our Disciples as well, because if they are already our Disciples, so they live, no matter how their life would look for someone.

Our candidates to Disciples should try, and they are trying, to live like this. The first phase after the First Consecration – is the period, which determines suitability of the candidate for the further path…

The second phase checks his ability to take responsibilities.

We are unable to offer, so we do not offer to cooperate nursery-school or primary school children, who are the vast majority of “spiritual” and “intelligent” ones searching for immediate results and interesting experiences. They still have to “play”, so let them play.

The playing one cannot properly understand us, so needless to talk about reception of our energy… One should become at least an eight grader, so we could understand each other a little bit (“Seven Rays and Their Masters”).

The ethereal world is now more than ever (unless 11 thousand years ago) eager to contact the ones living on Earth, so any sensitive person can initiate contact with it in his own way. They name the promising ones Messengers. This means that they set their hopes on them for the future. These become heralds of this world. There are those whose origin – is the ethereal world. They are most suitable for such work.

They all speak about rapid enlightenment, elevation, salvation.

The ethereal world presents no special requirements for its followers, in order to attract more of them. It is important for them that someone could accept their outgoing call-signs – or programs – or vibrations that they reasonably maintain later on.

Thus, as if familiar to many, eternal truth becomes a neuro-linguistic or even techno-suggestive program with its own change. They talk about chaos and freedom to everyone, a directly understood “doing nothing” can be propagated, offering to quit work, maybe even families and wait in retreat for the salvation or the end of the world…

Those who accept this charge are either those who have not chosen yet, or are the undecided ones, or those who are seeking for results without any work, or just ambitious people who may become either sluggish or super active, they can either fall into the sleepwalking state, or euphoria. Some of them become fanatics that aggressively protect an assumed truth.

At worst, the sensitive ones can have their psyche go away, because a strange mind connected conceals the inner Self.

Few of the contactors speak directly about aliens, but some blurt that they have already experienced their wonders, received powers or special instructions.

Many trusting youth get hooked on such promising contacts, or promised special mission, or just what seems to them of particular importance. Many older people without self-realization in proper time gain the coveted self-realization in this way.

We can only say this: if more than a century ago we had a lot of trouble with the spiritualists, now – it is the trend of contactors.

If these contactors would like to hear us at least a little, first they should learn to listen to the other person, then to understand those that surround them. They should see their own internal mess, to distinguish it. Failing to do so they will inevitably talk first with themselves, it means with their own mind, as it understands their needs the best.

Those seeking for contacts, who do not know sacred rules – are a perfect “food” to kamarupas which were already mentioned in earlier texts. In this way, they become not only “food” themselves, but also an infection for those who trust in them.

The world of vices also needs bread. It finds it in those curious or the ambitious “children”. All these are topics of obsessions that we will certainly examine in another book.

Many lives have already been disfigured by such contacts, a lot of futures were distorted due to their offers and promises. Do not be surprised, but many former spiritualists are now playing as contactors… They failed to hear earlier, they also do not hear now…

Not one of them, even those being a candidate for Disciples came off the path like a kicked stone in this way… Maybe for millenniums…

The ethereal world and the astral of the Darkness would gladly tempt those that we prepare or have already prepared. They try their best, because they are very valuable to them.

They know how to do it. No one can match their temptations and outgoing illusions, thus not a few candidates for Disciples, without comprehending their true motives or fatigued, have already got into their web. There are times when we managed to pull them out, but often this is not possible: they are no longer able to hear us or understand our signs. Those have never yet been our Disciples. They were only preparing to become them. Those who have already been our Disciples are able to differentiate. They would be happy to assist those who go down too, but they confuse the stretched out helping hand with a hand drawing the morsel from the mouth…

Our Disciples are natural and simple, but confident in their endeavors and reliable at work. They do not play anything. We teach this. They teach this those who we entrust them to guide. The one who does not play at anything is able to distinguish a play. The one who plays disoriented in his roles, also gets lost when there is a need to distinguish. Then it seems to him that all around play, and in particular – the one who actually does not play… These paradoxes are possible only living on Earth.

Naturalness develops only through knowing oneself. The one fearful to know oneself is not able to know others. Understanding also cannot open to him. Then nothing else is left, but to talk to one’s own mind… What the poor ones are intelligent, turning their mind to their own god…

You can identify those subdued to the world of narrow consciousness from their eyes. They are like a veil coated, gloomy, sometimes aggressive and often mocking. They are also dead, they are crazy. This is the cataract of the spirit. Their inner Self is pressed up to the deepest corner, or the inner Self is lost, or it has not even been there…

Light ether employee’s eyes may be clear and pure, but they do not have our fire, which shines in the eyes of those who work with us. From the eyes may flow the kindness, love, sacrifice or even heroism, but there is no truthfulness in them.

Eyes of our Disciples are calm and firm, because their mind is calm and firm, given to the heart. They can be sharp and gentle, but there is no excessive sensuality in them, as there is no indifference.

If they are looking at something, then they see what it is, not what someone wants to show, however this is not an assessment, but a fixing of the status or situation, as if, it was done by a camera. They are clear and specific, but incomprehensible and abstract, so it can be frustrating and frightening for those who are not used to it. Summarizing we will say this:

  • The one who does not know himself gets where his karma not-yet-worked-off hurls him away.
  • Knowing oneself and learning naturalness, one can best separate his masks from his inner Self. Then understanding develops as well, and with it – the distinguishing.
  • Therefore, everyone remains in his explorations on the things that he is worth, according to his own causes and effects created. Nobody can be hurried here.

2009 09 20
Kth., S.