About The Faith

Do not look back,
Neither look around.
Go. Go there, where you know you should go.
Where your heart is guiding you, and wide open spaces are inviting you.

Do not ask any questions, but go
The one who is asking questions brushes against the obstacle without seeing it.
The one who is looking back stumbles, or he is drawn into the past.
The past is viscous and sticky, so it draws the one who is looking around.

The past has already been, so go crowned with it,
Resting on the stick of the past.
The future – it is a desert’s mirage which may vanish from sight.
You must not believe in it.

Believe the One who is guiding you now,
Who will be guiding you forever because He brought you up to now.

The one who is looking around does not believe in the One who is guiding him
So, he is allured by the voices of roadsides.
He is drawn by images.
Soon he goes astray.

The faith protects and prevents you from losing your way.
The faith awakens and refreshes.
The faith brings the fallen down back to the Path.
The faith is guiding.

2010 03 24