Call To Those Who Understood The Appeal

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Call To Those Who Understood The Appeal And Responded To It

There is the only one ALMIGHTY who doesn’t have a face, but who created everything what is visible and invisible. In His Essence, He gave the Beginning for all kinds of forms to be born.

Children, don’t argue about His names because He has a great number of them. The names are born through the structures of the spirit’s thought. Those who are sent by the Almighty lower these structures as the important Teachings to the appointed places of the Earth in due time. The energies of all seven rays go right through the Earth while these Teachings are lowered. These Teachings settle down on Earth as Love and Harmony, the Truth and Order, so that the inhabitants of the Earth could open up to the Great Mystery of the Evolution in their lives. They teach us Love, Service and Devotion, Consciousness and Wisdom, so that we were capable of recognizing the effect of the object of our Faith in our lives, so that we were capable of accepting the Divine will by entrusting our own formed Will to it. These Teachings open up the flow of the Divine Inspiration to a person who becomes free of his own faults and all sorts of his attachments which are preventing him from recognizing the power of the Light within himself, so that he was capable of joining it. Such a person firmly believes in the sense of the Process of the Almighty’s Creation and the existence of souls on the Earth.

While the Technological God is raging, everyone who is carrying the sparkles of the Almighty in his heart has to unite one with another in order to resist Him. Everyone must become a single fist and a single living heart which loves its relatives, country and the Earth.

The Almighty’s shinning sword which purifies the Earth and mankind is lifted in order for the Great Distinguishing and Purification to take place. Communal prayers provide help to the work of the Almighty and strengthen those who don’t understand or who have doubts. Prayers purify. Prayers cure. Prayers inspire for good words and work, for a good life which the Almighty likes. The Almighty likes such a life which reflects and testifies the basic three cosmic principles. A prayer protects from delusions. It helps a person who is lost to come back to the Path.

There were different Teachers sent to people of the Earth. The teachings left by them became religions. Although the religions are different, but all their initiators were sent by the same Almighty. Therefore, it is funny to argue about the God’s advantage if the Essence of all Gods is the same Almighty. Therefore, religions differ only in a specific character and purposefulness which is used for a certain time and the mentality of a certain place.

Krishna and Christ were teaching Love.
Zoroaster was teaching to distinguish the Good from the Evil by consciously choosing the Good.
Buddha was teaching Consciousness.
Mahomet was teaching the Order.

In due course of the time all the Teachings were distorted by people themselves. They created a lot of superstructures by seeking to hold others under control and make use of them instead of keeping the necessary order.

The Almighty has never taught – and He is still not teaching – the striving for the power. He teaches people to love each other and to live in peace, because only by doing so the evolution is possible instead of the involution.

Those who believe in the Almighty are His children. They are carrying His sparkle in their hearts. This sparkle begins to burn from the Universal Harmony which is born from the Universal Order. All His children are striving for peace and Harmony which is their natural state. So they understand the importance of the Order, so that the harmony was able to be born. This order is defined by the testimonies of God in religions. These testimonies indicate the basic values.

The theory of chaos and anarchy is favourable to the Technological God, because He was born from waste, that is from chaos. He supports chaos in every way possible, because He is capable of continuing His creation only from it.

The principles of Yin and Yang have to work in harmony, but not separately. They may not despise or humiliate one another, because by doing so they derange the Divine Creation. The Harmony is where the Creation inspired by Love of a man and a woman is born. By doing so, souls give each other an opportunity to come to the Earth where they receive an exceptional opportunity for their Evolution. Each harmonious couple should be surrounded by physical or spiritual children. There is none of it where is chaos.

Make your distinguishing and choose your values. When you have chosen your values, remain vigilant. Don’t give in to the sweet and convenient temptations.

The spirit is primary, not the materiality, so currently the spiritual values are of the utmost importance. A person who doesn’t believe in the spirit is living the life of only his physical body, so his soul is suffering very much if he possesses it.

Currently, harmony in families, countries and the foreign policy is of the utmost importance. The new children must be properly educated by preparing them for the life which the Almighty likes, not for the perversions. The respect to another person is important. The respect to the old age and wisdom has to come back. The respect to the Earth, waters, air and fire is necessary. Only then peace in families, countries and on Earth will become predominant when people cease despising and exploiting each other, when they cease striving to hold others under control.

A conscious prayer is doing wonders. It supports the shine of the Almighty’s sword which purifies and which doesn’t punish. This sword punishes when the shine is dying out, because there are no longer on the Earth those who would support that shine with their prayers and Belief.

Therefore, we are appealing to the understanding Believers of the whole world and we proclaim the year of 2014 as the year of the universal prayer for Love and Peace. We are giving you a prayer which is always relevant, but it is especially important until 2018. Say the prayer 33 times every day on the time chosen by you.

Every Thursday at 5.00 P.M. (GMT) we are inviting the groups of all religions and spiritual directions to sit down to the round table of Belief for a joint prayer where no one has any priorities, because the fire for Love and Peace Idea is burning in the middle of the table. So, Love and Peace will come to Your hearts, Your families and the Earth. Currently, those who are praying have to pray for those who are not praying as well. In this way, the Collective consciousness is ripening instead of the egoistic one.

If our given prayer is not acceptable to you, you can say a prayer which you are accustomed to.
The joint intention is the most important here and nothing else.
Be tall when You are beginning Your work,
But become small when you Finish it.
Let Love and Peace guide You.

2013 12 21

By those who are worried about the destiny of mankind

The Prayer For Love And Peace In People’s Hearts And On Earth

Lord, Creator of the Worlds,
Forgive me, because I believed Love and Peace to be a weakness,
Because I believed the Goodness and tenderness to be a stupidity.
Forgive me and everyone
Who doesn’t understand.

Lord, I pray you – forgive the instigators of wars and help them find Peace.
Lord, I pray you – forgive the servants of vices and help them find virtues.
Lord, I pray you – forgive the dishonest people and help them find conscience.
Lord, I pray you – forgive the evil-minded people and help them find Love.

I pray you:
Help the incorrectly accused and wronged ones find the Truth.
Help the hungry ones get some bread,
Help the homeless ones find a lodging,
Help the soulless ones find the spirit.

Lord, protect the innocent people, strengthen and vindicate them.
Lord, protect children and their mothers from the temptations of riches and attachments.
Lord, heal the patients who don’t deserve their grave illnesses.
Lord, heal the hearts of the nations’ leaders and inspire them Love to people.

Lord, defend and strengthen those who love the Truth and You.
Lord, defend and strengthen those who aspire to the Light and Faith.
Lord, defend and strengthen everyone who believes in Love and Peace.
Now and forever. Now and forever. Now and forever.

I know and I believe that the Goodness is stronger than the Evil.
I know and I believe that Love is stronger than ambitions and the false pride.
I know and I believe that the spirit is stronger and more precious than the entire earthly riches.
I know and I believe that Peace is more powerful than war.
I know and I believe that me and everyone who is thinking like this on the entire Earth, together we will endure all of the tests and shortages.

Let Your Love and Peace give the strength to all of us.
I pray for this to happen to me, to all of my loved ones and to everyone who would like to think like this.

Let Love and Peace unite the world.
Let Love and Peace unite the world.
Let Love and Peace unite the world.

Now and forever. Now and forever. Now and forever.

2011 11 01