Appeal To All Conscious People


to all people of the world who are seeking for consciousness


The war of technologies is taking place.

From 2012 December 21 until 4444 December 21, a new reformation of the Earth is taking place and two powers are fighting for it. For a human, two thousand years (called an epoch) is a long period of time, however it is short, if seen from the perspective of the wide cosmos.

God Almighty, who does not have a face but who has created everything that is both visible and invisible, is sowing His Love in human hearts, and the Technological Mind God who does not know what Love is, wants to control the people with things and turn them into things.

Earth – is the battlefield of these Gods. The soldiers of Technological Mind God, existing both in human bodies on Earth and outside of the Earth, use their own technologies for subordination and deletion of human consciousness.

Soldiers of the Almighty, existing both in human bodies on Earth and outside of the Earth, keep up the consciousness in every way possible, they are waking it in human beings by breaking all technologies of manipulation in their own way.

This is the kind of war that is currently going on. While the fight is in full swing in the skies, it is also boiling in the Earth, because everything is on Earth like it is in Heaven. Therefore, the followers of one or the other God, struggle in this fight to the death.

You may think that states are fighting. These are not the fights of states. These are fights of high technologies, yet incomprehensible by the mind of the current human, in which the two already mentioned mighty powers are fighting.

Huge economic formations – these are the laboratories of the Technological Mind God, consolidated here on the Earth. Products of human destruction are made in them. There are many of those formations, however they are not the most important, but the Technological Mind God is, with his grandiose system. He is their client and employer.

Solely because of this, directions of faith and religions all over the world must purify themselves and unite in a living Faith so that they would become stronger together. The power of the Almighty God can be transferred to mankind only through them. Therefore, people of the whole world, both spiritual and those seeking for spiritual awakening, regardless of their confession, must unite and say a clear “yes” with their firm word and work. Self-determined man – is conscious man. Manipulations won’t effect such a man. Currently, there is not time to argue about God among themselves. Disunity and arguments about God’s advantage and ways of confession delute the energy of truthfulness and involve us in vain struggles, which the Technological Mind God likes, so he initiates them with pleasure.

For all spiritual directions and religions there’s one Who is named the Almighty, The Only One, The Great Creator, Initiator of the Great Process, the Great Light, The Beginning and The End of Everything, or Cosmogonic Mind, or simply THE ONE WHO IS WHO HE IS. There is no other for those who believe in immortality of the Spirit and soul, which is a part of divine consciousness.

This is now of utmost importance.

Therefore, countries in which the Belief in Spirit is still alive and firm are important for the awakening of the people of the whole Earth, even if the country may seem small. Outward majesty rarely shows the power of the spirit, so a small country with its strong Spirit of nation may be much stronger than a spiritless one, although vast and mighty outwardly. Stop estimating everything you see just with physical eyes. It is time to take a wider and deeper look at what is going around.

The stronger is a country’s Spirit, the more actively representatives of the Technological Mind God are poking their noses into its affairs. In the beginning, they are alluring, then they frighten. When all of these methods fail – they demonstrate their power and they attack. Currently, such wars, which were usual in ancient times, are out of fashion. Currently the manipulations are in fashion, turning insiders into Trojan horses, bribing them and tempting with glory or something else. People are influenced and attracted through their pride and fear. However, these manipulations are simple as well, so there are other special ones, which influence those whose inner spiritual values are weak or even don’t exist.

At the present time, high technologies are used. The Technological Mind God has already been preparing for the present in advance. He knew that from 2012 December 21 until winter solstice of 2018 God Almighty ordered to apply to all the principle of Universal Order and Justice which is controlling the law of cause and effect, or karma. The Process of its engaging has begun. Later on, until 2028, this principle will be put fully into motion, so that it would continue to function. Therefore, currently the Technological Mind God sends out all his forces so that he could try to resist what is unavoidable, even though he knows that there’s nothing stronger than the WORD of the Almighty.

The Technological Mind God, who is also called Lucifer by some religions, according to an intended plan has turned people dependant on technologies during the last 50 years. It is difficult to refuse conveniences. It is even more difficult not to give in to their seductions with beautiful and comfortable things.

Dearest, the higher technologies that are offered to you, the more programs assigned for manipulations are set up in them, because nobody on Earth can yet identify them, even the designers themselves. Therefore, technologies begin to control man, and not he controls them, although it may seem differently to him. This is how the Technological Mind God works.

The Earth will not die during these two thousand years, but those places where the Technological Mind God has arranged his camps will be cleaned by elemental forces, and some of the places will go down under great waters. New places of the Earth will come to the surface where currently is located the ridge of the South Atlantic Ocean and the ridge of Australia – the Antarctic Regions, closer to Antarctica.

There will be a few places in all continents from where the awakening of human consciousness will go on and will be passed further. The Technological Mind God knows this scheme, and so he is taking aim exactly at these countries and attacking them as far as possible with his technologies and mass psychic, psychotronic, neurolinguistic and new technological influence, or he initiates wars.

Therefore, you striving for consciousness, review the world. Pay attention to which countries are currently attacked directly, hence by instigating wars in them, or subordinating them economically, if they fail to influence them otherwise.

Banks – are a tool of Technological Mind God, which he controls as it is necessary at that time, and for people, who obey this God, – banks are their church. Therefore, the bank crises, which are temples of Technological Mind God, – is a sign that this God is not real, so his promised stability is also not real.

Prospective places of rebirth during the next two thousand years:

In Europe – Lithuania, Greece, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, maybe Hungary;

In Africa – Egypt and the place around Kilimanjaro;

In Asia – 7 places, among them 3 – in Russia;

In Australia – 2;

In New Zealand – 1;

In south of Greenland – 1;

In North America – 2;

In South America – 2 and 1 in island;

In the Antarctica – 2;

2 places already mentioned, which still are in the waters.

Exactly like there are prospective places of rebirth, there are also places of falling, but we will not mention them because they will survive if the necessary changes will take place there.

2013 – 2018 are very important years, because the law of karma will be turned on, so that it would gradually begin to influence the world of the Technological Mind God and its programmed soulless biorobot-workers either. So what was said would happen.

Therefore, the leaders of states, striving for the Goodness of the residents of their countries, they have to be vigilant. Conscious people of the countries have to support and encourage the vigilance of their leaders, when it is stifled by the technologies already mentioned.

Those of You, who love Peace and Light be vigilant, because if You love them then the Almighty is Your Father.

Those who are vigilant should teach those who are not vigilant, however not with weapons, but with the power of their heart’s Faith, their conscious life and work.

This was said on 16 September 2013 in Lithuania Bell square, Vilnius.

Let those who are sleeping awake.
Let those who are seeing begin to see.
Now and forever. Now and forever. Now and forever.

Written by Astrea