About The Meaning

The meaning is life.
Luxurious and satisfying life – it is a test for the soul. It can die out.
Poor and hungry life – it is a test for the soul. It can get tired.
Rich life – it is the possibility to create Goodness.
Miserable life – it is the opportunity to develop Oneself.
Mediocre life – it is the choice for the soul: to wake up or to sleep.

In the beginning the meaning is – to find the Path.
The meaning for the one who have found it – it is to walk it.
The meaning for the one who is walking it – it is to keep his feet on it,
Because there are many of those who are entering the Path, but there are also many of those who go astray.

The one who has not found the Path or lost it is searching for the meaning.
The one who has found it is not talking because he is going.
The one who is going knows that the Path – it is the Process.
Does the Process have an end if it is eternal?
Have you heard that the stars would remain standing in one place?

Each object is composed of tiny particles.
Any state of consciousness possesses them.
Is an atom which is joining the whole no longer an atom?
This is what the dissolution is.

2010 03 24
M. CH.