About The Suffering And The Path To Self And God

Question: There is a number of spiritual search directions that are talking about the easy Path to self, a quick release from karma without any suffering. You are talking about a long and difficult Path to Self and God. Once again, please explain it all.

Answer (Kth., S.):

We have said you many times: everyone has his own path.

Should and could everyone who is living on Earth become a professor or academic? Is everyone trying to get a higher education? Is everyone able to achieve it, even if he wanted to? Are all doctors or teachers committed to serve the people? After all, does everyone who loves mountains have to become a mountain climber and reach the world’s highest peak?

“Few of them, – you will answer, – everyone does not need it.”

It is exactly the same thing regarding the Path to Self. One’s path – is to be a good father or mother, the other’s – is to understand what was not understood in a distressing relationship. The eternal theme of many is “to give – to take”. Those who do not understand their most important themes, may not become free, no matter what they are reading, what practices they are performing.

Only such a person is able to dedicate himself to the work, aspiration or Idea who is finishing to solve or has already solved his main themes of communal life with other people. There are these who solve them through a commitment to work. Warning – we are not talking about the workaholics, but only about those who are consciously committed.

Therefore, only a few are fit for the Path of Consecrated, which is actually full of suffering due to those who don’t understand and the work for the sake of their understanding. They accept this responsibility, being free. We wrote about it in “The Cosmic Consecrations”.

The strongest foundation of all true Paths to consciousness is the responsibility for one’s thoughts, words and deeds. Without the understanding of responsibility, a person cannot become conscious. Then he also cannot find his path. Therefore, he can easily take somebody else’s path, or imitate it.

Such builds a house without a foundation. Even in order to build a tent one needs to hammer in poles or otherwise fix its basis…

Therefore, first we talk about the responsibility. All serious directions teach their followers the responsibility. It is like the body training of a mountain-climber: the one who is lazy to train can only stay at the foot of a mountain.

Directions that belittle or deny responsibility, prepare those who prefer sitting in front of the TV instead of climbing into mountains themselves. It is not even required to prepare them. There is no need of preparation in order to sit in front of the TV. Therefore, such “gurus” say that everyone can achieve… It is easy to effect and control those sitting or lying in front of the TV: they gladly give them their will and pass the responsibility, expecting gifts… Look, they get some gifts. Then they trust even more. Another request starts.

In this way, they become like those who take credit from the bank. However, in this case, the deposit… They are themselves. Failing to pay the credit, the bank will confiscate the deposit as if it was its property…

This happens to those who always take, naively thinking that they will not have to repay the debit, or that they are able to do so. Unfortunately, one needs not only to repay the debt, but the interest too.

Now, let’s move everything into human relationships. There are many of those, who are accustomed to use energy, assets or the abilities of their relatives (parents, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, cousins, close friends).

Ask whether they understand (or maybe You are the one who does not understand) that they always take credit whose interest is growing…

The other part exploited by the one who always takes, does not terminate payment of pity and compassion.

There are those who require that they would be paid more and more. For what? Even for one’s past poor work the redemption ends sometime… Now a new karma is created for the future. It hampers the evolution of consciousness for both parts. They are both confused in theme “to give – to take”. Therefore, they can go further only when the theme is solved.

Can anyone else solve the theme for these two people if one always takes, and the other – always gives? Of course, it depends only on these two parts when they understand what is going on and what they are doing.

We are taking about the suffering of the Path. So, dear, does the situation described cause the pain and suffering?

Of course, it causes because one has to make a decision to not demand any longer, and the other – to not give any longer. Maybe the one who always takes must learn to be grateful, perhaps he needs to learn to recognize his selfishness, or pride?

Maybe the one who always gives must learn to see that by giving, he hinders the development of another, maybe he needs to see his own need to be important or useful when nobody needs it? Lots of lessons are hidden behind these simple words “to give – to take”.

Do not be surprised, but firm decisions can help someone to cross the threshold of I Cosmic Consecration when he sees wider in such situations realistic himself and others, when he takes responsibility for his decisions initiated in such situations.

Some religions suggest prayer for such relations. This is valuable, but You still have to make a decision.

Thus, for many who are afraid of responsibility, the decision also becomes the suffering.

It is the customary thing with many searching or depressed ones to give the decision to Guru, so that he took the responsibility, or to God.

It is the most reliable thing to give it to God, since if it is carried out correctly, the problem can be purified as much as the karma of two people allows it. So everything is still solved only when both participants of the situation understand what they need to understand, maybe just a little faster.

“Faster” – it means as accelerated karma purification or correction, so events happen faster and more often. The same is also happening with those who have chosen the true Path to consciousness evolution. It is common for those who dared to enter the Path, to stay naturally “yes” also for accelerated karma correction.

This means that all defects, that have been subdued or hidden, rise so that they could be seen. These are internal speckles and negativity. In this case, somebody gets scared and starts to complain about “tests” that descended on him. Somebody is frightened that he got into the wrong place, because he was going and hoping that it will be better, but here well, well…

These are not tests, but as it has been said, an accelerated karma purification. This process not only raises all closed negativity, but can lead to collapse of what the one has been accustomed to, what appeared to be reliable and safe.

In this way, one just “finds oneself” in the black “failures pit”, then again comes out in euphoria. This is a purification of emotions, all emotional desires and ambitions. Those who are on the Path know all about this, no matter which religion or trend they represent. The bottom line is the same everywhere.

Compare it to the athlete who takes training seriously: it hurts the whole body… The more training makes the pain disappear… In this case, it hurts the little ego, because it is touched with everything that had created its joy up to now…

Therefore, the one puts his foot on the Path who ventures further down the path not fearing the collapse of everything that looks like the end of the world. Gradually, his emotions become calm, also the mind, his conditions and situations harmonize, his surroundings may change. His perception and the ability to see himself and situations change.

Those who are scared of the collapse return to what they had, the others give up their searches disappointed that they are not cared for, as they feel that they should. The second ones are not yet ready for the path.

It is too early for the first ones because they did not understand the given opportunities.

We do not call anybody twice if we have already called once.

It is hard to see how people wait for the call many lives. Then they miss it understanding in their own way. The waiting for them will continue, but now it will be even longer.

So, we supervise in our way those who’ve already put their feet on the Path.

It is usual for current searchers to look for a Guru. Some really try to find a guide, the others – follow the western trend.

In this way, the demand for a Guru is increasing. There are only a few true Gurus, at least those, who are after the second Cosmic Consecration. They do not play with the kids, searching for exciting and meaningful games.

However, there are many of those who respond to the demand of such seeking ones, and they teach them according to their whims. Spiritual business to the consumer is growing like a yeasty cake. We no longer count those who are reading lectures on the spirit not understanding what it is. There are many of those, who call themselves a Guru or explain sacred things not knowing very much about them. This brings profits. Children love it.

Masters or Mahatmas or true Gurus – these are people after the third Cosmic Consecration. There are only a few of them on the Earth. Taking responsibility for their Disciple, they give him a real chance to become like themselves sometime.

A man after the second Cosmic Consecration also has the right to be a Guru, because his consciousness is ready for this. However, if he accepts karma of a candidate to Disciples, his Master also takes over a part of it. Therefore, if such cases are needed he co-ordinates them with his Master.

This would be impossible without knowing the karma law and vision of its operation nuances.

A man from the first to the second Cosmic Consecration often finds himself in the position of Guru or he puts himself in this position. There are those who love it. There are those who see their purpose in it.

However, this man’s percent of love to pride is still unadjusted (this only happens with the second Cosmic Consecration – A.), so the man still cannot see the nuances of the karma law. He then makes lots of mistakes, which influence those who he guides. He will continue to increase his karma of spiritual pride and false teaching that will draw him in the future until he understands, gives up teaching and becomes a Disciple.

Now there is an increasing number of those who call themselves Gurus even not coming to the first gate. These are similar to first graders, admiring that they already know letters, and maybe they have even learned to read. They admire their discoveries and explain them passionately to those who listen to them. At that time, they forget that their mothers and fathers take care of them so that they could learn. He is angry when his parents tell him to keep order in his room or on the table, or even command to take the rubbish out. It seems to him that he does not have time for it, that they have to do it. He does not like duties, does not understand the need of responsibility. It is more interesting to be free. In this way, such is talking to the others…

Teaching in this way distorts all the sacred teachings and astrology. Thus, they teach fortune-telling, magic, clairvoyance, reiki, and other things. The first grader, learning to directly read the symbols still not being able to understand their sacred meaning, does not understand the responsibility, that falls on the shoulders and lives of those, who start to read these symbols.

Neither the first grader, nor those who listen to him understand the lesson “to give – to take”.

Many of those who call themselves gurus do not understand that in order to help another it is not necessary to do something for him, but often it is necessary to create conditions so that he was able to give himself.

Disciples, who understand the responsibility, know this. However, even to them the lesson “to give – to take” can be challenging, but it shows itself to them differently when compared to those who are not yet Disciples.

In everyday relations for all and without exception who are aspiring to become better, to give – it does not mean just to take care of a person so that they have enough things, to thrust one’s assistance to him, to give money. It is necessary to give a warmth of the heart, understanding, compassion when needed, or a forbidding warning. Isn’t this the spot, where the hardest lessons start?

To create conditions to give – is a puzzling phenomenon. The conscious person understanding it accepts donations or help, variously expressed gratitude as do many of the Guru’s. The unconscious or semi-conscious one would be happy to allow to give to those who surround him, then making it their obligation. These get used to take, forgetting that they have to give of themselves too.

Therefore, really to “create conditions to give” can only the one who gives himself.

The one who has not learned to give – takes.

There is no need to impose oratory about past lives that supposedly the other then appropriated something. It is not like this. The one who knew how to give in the past can also do it now. He needs to learn to take which means to create conditions to give for others, but once he learned to give, he always does so.

The one who in the past exhausted others or was accustomed to use them does the same now, forcing his loved ones to dance in attendance to him. Some do so demanding, others subtly. Some will gladly abuse others saying that he creates conditions to give for others.

A disabled man takes, initially creating conditions to give for those who should learn it. However, he also has to learn it by being warm and compassionate. Only by doing so, he will create the conditions for his recovery.

A disabled man who requires an exceptional attention, is angry, or scolds – is unworthy of recovery, so he creates even a heavier future for himself.

So, does not all this, that has been said, teach you to have a new look at one’s responsibilities taken and those delegated?

First of all the understanding manifests itself in the responsibility for one’s own thoughts, words and deeds, increasingly seeing their place behind the scenes, thus accepting what you have to, and rejecting what is not Yours.

Those who don’t understand the responsibility can not be considered understanding, because the real understanding hides not in a man’s uttered words, but in the activities of his daily living.

It doesn’t hurt the one who utters the words, but work making them purposeful can turn into a huge suffering for it first tears off the real from what is played or taken into one’s head. That is why we talk about the suffering that is different in each phase.

But we also say: don’t play too long with suffering. This leads to nihilism.

Those who understand our path have to keep in mind that joy also refreshes and heals. So learn to rejoice at your and your friends’ successes, be able to rejoice at your and your friends’ sprouts of understanding, cultivate them together, understanding and sympathizing each other in a minute of confusion or delusion. Look around and notice everything that one can rejoice at.

Do not be afraid of anger or of evil waves directed towards You.

Be strong in your Faith to Goodness. Keep it, even if you are immersed in the tar pit. Call your soul Light from your own heart so that it shone like a light in dark gloomy woods – it will even shine for someone else. It will shine for You as well.

However, first always think about the other – only then, the light will be clearer.

Seeing one’s own and other’s errors also causes suffering. However, do you want to live a blind kitten’s life? Do you want to remain such? Then do not complain after a while that the life is not interesting and that life has past, and that You have done nothing…

The one who has opened his eyes suffers until he gives sense to his life. Those, who have found the meaning, live a full life. Do not repeat these people’s lives either.

Live your own life, fully surviving your joys and pain, both of which heal and strengthen, both of which help to understand more.

Therefore, go and do not regret what you have not done, and do it now.

This is our wish for all daring to enter the Path.

2010 01 30