About Death and the Posthumous Paths

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About Death and the Posthumous PathsThe readers interested in the topic of death are already familiar with the “Egyptian Book of the Dead”, “The Tibet Book of the Dead”, and “Vedic Book of Death”. They might have read some extracts by the saints about the path of the soul after death, and about the experiments of Doctor R. Mowdy. E.P. Blavatskaja, Č. Ledbiteris also analyzed the topic in their own way. The book by J. Mirbach, “Life After Death” is also useful.

There are many books and articles on this topic that analyze the life of the soul after death, talking about their after death requests and worries, about poltergeist and the causes for their appearances. All of those books prove that soul continues to live after the death of the physical body. The first three books mentioned above also teach how to die.

This book explains the process of dying and the paths of the soul after death in the anthrop theosophical aspect. It invites not to be afraid of death, but rather to understand it like a part of the process of the evolution of the soul, so that one could consciously participate in the process of one‘s own dying.

This book should also help in understanding the meaningfulness of one‘s and everyone’s life, so that we did our best to try to live it consciously in the physical body.

The book also describes the process of the decomposition of human bodies, about what help can the living ones nearest and dearest provide to the recently deceased, about the funeral and cremation and about many questions related to that. Several encounters with the deceased in the book shall give a deeper understanding of the matter.

“Use the time allocated for you on Earth wisely. Only then you shall not fear the death.”

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