The Anthropotheosophy Club

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The purpose of the Anthropotheosophy club – is to unite those who seek a broader understanding of the meaning of human existence, who like Anthropotheosophy ideas, and who try to live by them and be helpful to the public, using their talents and acquired knowledge for the welfare of the public.

Goals of the Anthropotheosophy club:

  • To encourage the study, research and distribution of Anthropotheosophical and other literature which is raising the spirit.
  • To organize educational lectures and seminars.
  • To support regional group activities of the club and aid their co-operation.
  • To co-operate with other organizations in Lithuania as well as other countries concerned with raising human consciousness.
  • To translate, publish and distribute books.
  • To actively participate in Aistian and Lithuanian Spirit heritage preservation activities, putting in good order holy places, mounds, springs and other places important to Lithuania.

As a member of the Anthropotheosophy club, you might be one who is interested in the theosophical worldview and seeks to live according to it, who examines the religious sources and does not contrast the directions of any spiritual search or religion.

As a member of the Anthropotheosophy club, you cannot abuse drugs and alcohol, or be engaged in any form of human programming, and other harmful methods influencing another’s will and behavior.

Club members are individuals who regularly attend club events. They join the club’s list of members according to their own wish.

One joins the club by giving the completed club member’s form with a named motive and recommendations of two permanent members of the club.

Those wishing to become a member of the club please contact the group coordinator of your nearest city.

Cities in which the club groups operate:

  • Vilnius, coordinator Aušra
  • Kaunas, coordinator Rasa
  • Klaipėda, coordinator Aleksandras
  • Panevėžys, coordinator Rimas
  • Utena, coordinator Daiva
  • Mažeikiai, coordinator Indrė
  • Vilkaviškis, coordinator Audronė

If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail: