The Stories Of Egypt. The Little Isis

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The Stories Of Egypt. The Little IsisThis book is an illustrative example of the cosmic consecrations written in a form of a story. Presented in a popular way it discusses questions about the aims in human life, the meaningfulness, the resignations and sacrifice in order to achieve those. Is there any reason at all to try to achieve anything?

The story takes us back to the times of Ancient Egypt, 30 thousand years ago, when the great Osiris and Isis ruled. In addition to all their chores unexplainable to common people, they prepared and taught the souls that sparkled Godly light for the future in special schools for the consecrated.

The story tells us about the Path of the hero in the opening of her consciousness, consecration and the related experiences, tests and eventually the great sacrifice. Therefore, this book shall be useful to those on the similar Path now looking for wider consciousness. It will also appeal to those who are interested in Egypt and its spirit and any other searcher in spiritual quest.

Egipto istorijos: Mažoji Izidė. – Kaunas, „Mijalba“. 2009, 129 psl.