The Seven Rays and Their Masters

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The Seven Rays and Their Masters“The Seven Rays and Their Masters” is a book about the mix-up of story tellers of the ethereal world.

The beginner of modern theosophy Blavatskaja had a hard time explaining to the understanding world about the existence of the great teachers of the world – “The Seven Rays and Their Masters”. K. E. Antarova described their life on earth and work with their disciples in her story of “Two Lives” in 4 volumes, which has become an encyclopedia for the ones in quest for spiritual knowledge. These masters lead the Agni Yoga beginners – the Rerich family.

The same topic was discussed by the Ballard family later continued by Profit and her husband Mark. Unfortunately, due to the Profit’s illness and after her death, misinterpretations took place in this school. Clarity is also lacking in Alice Baley’s texts which are interpreted differently now.

At the turn of the centuries with the ethereal world active, there is a tendency to believe that the masters have started talking to all those addressing them. Can it be so? Isn’t preparation needed in talking to the genuine cosmic fire which is those masters? Are the texts that we find in the internet today really written or inspired by the great masters? You shall find the answers to these questions in “The Book of Stones or a Step Towards the Wider Perception”. Volume I

In ancient Hindu texts one shall find seven Rishi, in other traditions – seven Elochims that helped God to create the world. Figure seven is of particular importance during different epochs and in different religious beliefs. It is repeated everywhere: seven planets, seven notes, seven days of the week, seven colors for rainbow, seven human chakras, seven human bodies, seven spheres, seven races, seven continents, etc.

This book explains the essence of belief or the resolution process of the common light of the Consciousness. During this process different religions and tendencies of spiritual quest were forming and they were presented in the spectrum of seven rays for a particular territory, mentality, traditions and consciousness. With time the rays gained forms of deities, recognizable to human beings. Every religion expressed the spirit of its epoch. Though the origins of religions are the same, the topics are eternal; however, their presentation is different, hence the disagreements among people and even states. Those disagreements are completely unnecessary as every person individually perceives belief.

This book is about Belief and how it comes to people and how to better understand it. It explains the sequence of the rays descending. It helps to find one‘s own path and only one with open heart can do so. It is about the importance of finding one‘s own path because it will lead you to the understand of your life, and self and place on Earth.
The dependence on one or another ray is not something to be proud of. The understanding of it helps to help one‘s aims in life and helps live in it. It helps to while following it make your life more meaningful.
Those in spiritual quest, teachers, philosophers, theosophers, scientists, and psychologists, men of faith, artists and intellectuals shall find this book useful.
It will be of use also to those who do not believe in what the mind can not explain. It is dedicated to those who are contemplating the existence and belief.

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