The Revelations of The Virgin Mary in Lithuania

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The Revelations of The Virgin Mary in LithuaniaAny spiritual or religious deity (the light of the lights, the absolute, and God) is the reflection of the global consciousness aspect within the understanding of the concept. There are more of them in some places and less in others. However, all of them have the same origin. In the beginning, people believed in the female aspect of the deity -the Great Mother- who loves and takes care of her children. They used to ask for her protection and support. In the long run, with the formation of the religions according to the understanding of the local people more deities emerged. Their names were different however, the basic functions remained similar.

Human prayers and belief provides sense to those deities. Through this, the latter found their solid place in the astral worlds. From there they can help the ones on Earth. The revelation of deities is a very important event to the country where it takes place and to the rest of the world that believes them. In places where it happens, the divine seed remains and it eradicates divine emancipation in wide spectrum. Therefore, as a phenomenon, it should be cherished and appreciated like a major virtue.

Pilgrimage to places of revelation is a trip of purification for the participants. It is important that the ones on the road should open up their hearts so that the subtle energies can provide for better purification and the soul can touch your heart.

There are many places of revelation of The Virgin Mary in Lithuania. Few of them are officially recognized by the Church but the effect of them little depends on that. It is either there or not. Once the revelation took place, its energy continues to dwell in the place. Therefore, it is worthwhile going to the place and experiencing it, also finding a place of your own. Once you find it you will recognize it and identify it as a place of your strength and recharge place. Bear in mind that we only receive in giving, so once at the spot, pull up your sleeves and help to clean up the territory or help in any other way. The divine seeds are saint, but they need human help to grow and cherish.

This book is a manual for those wishing to discover 10 places of revelation of The Virgin Mary in Lithuania.

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