“The Cry of Lithuania”

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"The Cry of Lithuania"The book is dedicated to those who are still wondering why their present birth place is Lithuania. It is also dedicated to those who, in spite of all the shortages and chaos at home now, shall not immigrate to find a better life abroad. It is also dedicated to those who are away now, but know that they will come back so that having matured and learned the lessons of life would give their strength to their Motherland. It is dedicated to all those who still care about the destiny of the spirit of Lithuania.

This spirit of Lithuania is very strong, i.e. the spirit of Aisčiai is very strong. The story is about the ancient heroes who sacrificed their lives for us and for those living now. It is also about the idea that leads them.

This book is also about us now and the call to rethink the revival of the great idea within. Only the belief and the idea took our ancestors to the sea and helped them survive for thousands of years in this place. It is the idea that helped them sustain our old language – remains of unified divine language – alive.

This story is also about a sparkle that starts in one‘s heart and turns into a fire. It is about self-awareness and the becoming of the idea himself/herself, it is about words turning into action. „The people of idea do not have a Motherland on earth, but the country that hosts them becomes the star of their life. They love it and take care of it and, once gone, long for it like you long for your star.“ p.90

Lietuvos šauksmas. – Vilnius, „Gamta“. 2006, 192 psl.