“The Cosmic Consecrations”

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“The Cosmic Consecrations”This is the second book of Anthropotheosophy explaining the important issues of today. The topic of cosmic consecrations is definitely a sacred theme, which is widely abused in the modern world. Very few people truly know what it is.

The Consecrated ones of all times only spoke half lip about the cosmic consecrations. More about them was written lately by Harold W. Percival, Elena P. Blavatskaya. For those in search of the treaty related to the same topic Alice Bailey is known as well.

The teaching on the consecrations nowadays is presented in the way it is needed for a man with modern consciousness.
This book is dedicated to those beginning and true in search, the disciples, the spiritual leaders and explorers of religions.
It will help to understand the Path to your True Self and the Essence and the process of it, and will explain the tests that are ahead painfully cleansing the internal quality of the one on the path.

The book should help to understand that the true path is not a pleasant stroll with attentive fellow travellers, but a long and hard work taking many lifetimes, demanding to resign from all that is personal and to sacrifice oneself to the Mission which is driven by the Idea.

The book shows the path of the earthly will transforming into the will of mind which in turn transforms into the will of spirit, eventually turning into the pure Will of the Creator.