The cards of stones for three levels of consciousness

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The cards of stonesEvery mineral represents a theme and performs a certain function. It is more of a medication which can be successfully used by a smart person for his personal use. The intuitive pick of a stone often relates to the main topic which is most relevant at that moment in life. Also the major causes for all diseases lie in psychological or karmic problems. Once the cause is perceived and one starts to work on the problem, the stone can become a great aid. Unfortunately, to those who think that „people don‘t change“, this medication is of little help.

This deck of cards is not meant for fortune telling, but the cards will help you clarify what is of importance to you, to understand oneself, ones actions and the motives of behavior. They can show you the way, like a shrink or a friend. Do not get surprised by their accuracy. They originated from consciousness which is more aware of you than you yourself.
These cards are a way to understanding that you are not controlled by a faceless destiny but rather you can create it yourself with the help of the creator.

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