“The book of stones or a step towards the wider perception” Volume I

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The Book of Stones. Volume IThis is the book I would have needed twelve years ago; therefore it is to those who need it now.

This is an encyclopedia and a manual about the therapy of minerals and astrominerology for those wishing to help themselves and others. The book presents the oldest existing in history and still popular tendencies and ways of using and application of minerals, also longstanding empirical and intuitive research trends and methods of the effect of minerals. The book also tells about differences between amulets and talismans, and the peculiarities of making and wearing them.

The chapter on talismans is particularly about the methods of making them starting with the main oldest traditions and ending with the modern ones.
The book tells us about how the therapy of minerals, helps to balance the subtle energies, to perceive the true causes of diseases and to change the way of thinking. It also explains how different systems pick different stones for the signs of Zodiac and how to better choose them.
It also encourages the reader to analyze and rethink their perception and it helps to perceive the information beyond the reasoning limit. It also warns about the dangers lying in the jungle of esoteric.

The book shall be useful to a wide audience – starting with those seriously interested in the mineral therapy and astrominerology and ending with scientists, doctors, and psychologists of wider understanding. It will also be useful to a jeweler who strives to become a true master.

Akmenų knyga, arba žingsnis į platesnį suvokimą. I tomas. – Vilnius, „Gamta“, 2005, „Tiamata“, 2007, 501 psl.