“The book of stones or a step towards a wider perception” Volume II, part I

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The Book of Stones. Volume II, part IThis book is an introduction to Anthropotheosophy. The consciousness of a modern man is very different from those that lived several thousand or even several hundred years ago, especially in Europe. An educated person contemplates and, therefore, they need explanations. Science offers more and more of what used to be available only for the consecrated. However, they are still unable to explain things like the Consecrated could in the past.

Why is this part placed in this “Book of Stones“?

The future mineral therapy already works and will continue to work with the crystal structures that help change human mental structures. This process, if carried out consistently and correctly, assists in changing and becoming more conscious in a natural way. But this does not suffice. One has to know what is going on now and how and why and what is going to happen in the future.

The one who knows and acts is invincible. Such is one of the rules of the consecrated.
This book is about the cosmic influences now and about the effect of the moon in the transitional period. It is about consciousness and about its forms and non-forms. It is also about discussions with the invisible worlds and stones, about the structure of the invisible worlds, soul and spirit. It is about what a starting researcher and true in search should know and be able to sort out in the virile spiritual business and reality.

Akmenų knyga, arba žingsnis į platesnį suvokimą. II tomas, I dalis. – Vilnius. „Tiamata“, 2006, 223 psl.