The Art To Love

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The Art To LoveThe book tells us about the Road of the awakening soul in finding love and in it finding oneself, one‘s destination and God. It is about the breath of love, the river of Love that commences someplace in the mountains and finds its way fighting all the barriers on the way. It falls like a waterfall, splashes on the rocks and breaks the dams until it turns into a huge and powerful torrent, refreshing and catering.
The book is proof to all the skeptically minded that people can change and eventually can change other’s lives as well. One transformed person can achieve a lot, but two can create miracles in the result changing substantially the lives of countries.


The Art To LoveHuman purification has a great meaning when the one purified helps others to in the process as well. Any of the awakened can not live only for him/her. Gradually he/she becomes the undividable part of the whole that contains the cosmos of the existing-and –non-existing principles and every living being on the planet.
Therefore, when a human being hurts; the universe hurts and so does the awakened. That is the reason why the latter dedicates his/her life to the understanding of the others. He/she does what he/she knows he/she can not do.
Those who will not find it easy to believe the story, read it as a beautiful fairy-tale about a princess who conquered her mind to find her heart and learns, how to love.

Menas mylėti. – Vilnius, „Alocha“. 2002, 179 psl.

Rewritten edition:
Menas mylėti. – Vilnius, „Tiamata“. 2011, 288 psl.