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“Prayer”A modern thinking man is very disappointed with the deviations in the teachings of Christ, Buda and Krishna today. He is suffering during the times of the crisis of belief.
Most people now claim they lost their faith, that they can not pray, do not wish to attend the shrines. Others would love to hear the explanations on belief presented in modern way. How to pray, why to pray? What is the difference between the prayer thought of individually and one written down? What is the difference between prayer and meditation? What does it mean to pray with ones heart? This book makes an attempt to answer all these questions and more.

You shall also find some prayers written here. They also include the prayers to the seven archangels.

It is worth to be mentioned that Antropotheosophy accepts and neither sets against nor neglects any confession that can help a man to understand himself/herself.

Ilgevičius P., Ilgevičienė A. Malda. – Vilnius, „Tiamata“, 2010, 2011, 103 psl.