Before the Dawn of Era, or on the Desecrated Occultism, Astrology and „the End of the World“

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Before the Dawn of EraAll processes that are taking place in the Universe and, inevitably, on our Earth have their own cycles and their purpose is Evolution. At the point when the end of some cycles meets the beginning of others, a certain kind of selection takes place: the selection between those who strive to evolve and do something for that sake and those who don‘t, and so are on the path of involution. It does not mean that some sort of natural cataclysm or a war should take place for this selection to happen. Everything is done in a way more subtle manner, since we are talking not about the Evolution of a body, but that of a soul. For some people those cataclysms are nothing more than, seemingly, simple situations and relationships of daily life. For some – it is a fateful choice that has to be made, thus changing one’s life completely. For some it is an accidentally acquainted person that turns their life around, it seems, without doing much. For some it is a significant loss that incites one to see a side of life they were not able to understand before. For some it is a resistance against the injustice happening around. There can be all sorts of cataclysms but their outcome is always the same – changes. Natural cataclysms have occurred in various places of the Earth throughout the ages, but only a few times in the history of the Earth did they affect the entire planet at once. This time it is not the latter case yet…

At first I started writing this as an article but gradually it got too long and too serious to be published in any Lithuanian newspaper. That is how this little book was born. It is yet another attempt to encourage You to think, so that You would become resistant to the games of the lower worlds, so that You would become strong and conscious creators of your personal life and the life of Your country.