„Anthropotheosophy – The Divine Wisdom Perceived by Man“ Volume III

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Anthropotheosophy. Volume 3Both volumes II and III of „Anthropotheosophy – The Divine Wisdom Perceived by Man“ could be entitled “A Book of Disciple and the One Who Strives to Become Such”. Therefore volume III is a continuation of volume II. The only reason for this separation was the abundance of given material.

This volume is dedicated to the explanation of the significance of various interpersonal relationships to the process of development of one’s individual consciousness into collective one. A wide discourse is given upon the phenomena of balancing spiritual and material energies, their circulation, interexchange, different types of energy as well as nature of psychical, mental and spiritual powers. The book also includes explanation on how true spiritual path affects one’s endocrine system, its functions and activity of meridian system.

You could hardly find any literature giving such detailed explanations of using other‘s energy, energetic vampirism, the phenomena of obsession and possesion. Therefore this book elucidates many appearances and phenomena which cannot be explained by rational mind. All of this is given so that you could build your backbone of inner values and learn the arithmetic of actions carried out by any kind of Evil. In this way your inner strength grows. In this way your Faith ripens as it gradually perceives the Essence of everything. Such man becomes resistant to any kind of direct, psychical, mental, neuro-linguistic and other kinds of manipulations.

Knowing is not enough. The inner work is also required. There is a whole chapter devoted to this topic, entitled „Development of the Anthropotheosophical Thinking, or Recognition of the True Self“.

The book ends in the texts which are important to every wide-minded person. These texts come from the Source of the Spirit, therefore they impart the impulse of the Spirit – for a new way of thinking, working and living a meaningful life.

This book is dedicated to those who care about true values, thus they seek to create or have already created a strong inner backbone of spiritual values and understand that no serious Path to the Spirit is possible without it.

This book is dedicated to those who think or seek to think widely, those who admit that it is not possible to understand the surrounding world, both seen and unseen, without having understood oneself. The manipulations of non-understanding have existed at all times. Understanding is wonderful protection against all manipulations.

This book is dedicated to those who do not match their religion against others, but are instead ready to take a seat at the round table of Faith. There is no priority right at this table and the divine flame of Love and Peace is blazing in its center.

This book is dedicated to those who realise that the day is approaching when science will quit denying the object and truths of Faith, when representatives of all faiths and religions will start contributing in order to unfold what is not yet known, as much as the Allmighty would allow. In this way the intellectual Knowledge will merge with the Knowledge coming through God. This will lift all humanity into a new stage of evolution of consciousness.

This book is dedicated to serious explorers of any spiritual movement, conscious esoteric practitioners, members of religions, progressive scientists, philosophers and people of creative and intellectual nature. It is neccessary for doctors and psychologists because the time has come for the new kind of psychology to emerge, acknowledging man not only as a set of physical body, emotions and mind, but also as a spiritual substance. For this to happen a change in psychology and medicine in general is crucial.

All of these are the topics of the new millenium.