“Anthropotheosophy – The Divine Wisdom Perceived by Man” Volume II

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Anthropotheosophy Volume 2The second volume as well as the third one (the material has been divided due to its size) is dedicated to the independent searchers of the spirit. The preparation for the spiritual guidance which is experienced in one‘s heart is discussed in this volume. This is not the path of any particular spiritual movement. Anthropotheosophy is not a religion. It is a world-view. There aren‘t and there can‘t be any identical paths, but there are common things in all religions and spiritual movements and the true Path is impossible without them. There are many imitations, but the requirements for the true Path and its attributes are the same although they may be named and explained differently.

This book is dedicated to those who seek the wisdom of the soul and dare to cross the boundaries drawn by the rational mind.

It is dedicated to those who search for certainty and purpose in their lifes.

It is dedicated to those who dare to set off for highly interesting and purposeful journey into the inner self, which is full of surprises, risks, challenges, varying discoveries and losses fostering the inner change.

This is a Book for the one who wants to become a Disciple and for a true Disciple.

It is useful for everyone working with their own or other people‘s inner world or searching for God in their own way. It will reveal many mysteries of the human psyche phenomena by explaining their nature and mechanisms. It will explain the processes, risks and manipulations of the inner human transformation.

Therefore it is useful for psychologists, psychiatrists, men of faith, religion researchers, philosophers and, of course, esoteric practitioners.

It is dedicated to all who have experienced the cognitive boundaries of rational mind and are looking for ways to cross those boundaries or have already crossed them.