Anthropotheosophy – the divine wisdom perceived by a human. Volume I

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Antropoteosofija_IMany readers interested in theosophy are familiar with the founder Blavatskaja and the founder of the anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner.

Their contribution to the area of studies was according to the times they lived in. With time running faster nowadays anthropotheosophy was born to meet the needs of a modern man – the man that lives in the world of speculations on the Real Truths and the manes of the Great Teachers.

Anthropotheosophy is especially needed today because of the amounts of internet spam bombarding us. It is meant to help us learn to listen to oneself, therefore, it is bravely presenting ideas that were not too much discussed earlier. It will give proof to those who were in search and were already witnessing signs; it will lead those that still need guidance in the labyrinth of spiritual business. Some may get irritated by the book which will open up their inner self or will contradict the dogma one is stuck in.

This volume presents the anthropotheosophy itself, the density of consciousness levels and talks about the ability to recognize them. It also talks about the encounters of the present worlds, the Masters of the World and their Disciples, Ashrams, About UFO, soul stealing, blood transfusion and organ transplanting, homosexuality and other issues of today.

Anthropotheosophy is aimed at those who can not divide belief and knowledge. However, this is a different type of knowledge. Rational mind is not of much help here, it can only serve as an instrument.

The ancient holy scripts are wisdom hidden under seven locks. It all depends on the reader which of the locks shall be unlocked. The first lock opens to those who can recognize the letters, the second to those that can put the words together, and the third to those that can understand the text. And only the fourth lock opens up the cognition behind the text.
Anthropotheosophy is the key that can help open many locks. However, starting with the fourth lock one also needs magic words to open them. Those can be heard with one‘s heart only and the latter does not open to those who do not believe..

Astrėja. Antropoteosofija – žmogaus suvokiama dieviškoji išmintis. I tomas. – Vilnius, „Tiamata“, 2010, 313 psl.

Volume II “A book of Disciple and The One Who Wants to Become One” is in print.