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AmberThis book is a small part of the book “The Book of Stones or a Step Towards a Wider Perception” Volume II, part II. It was printed in cooperation with German partners.

Lithuanian variant follows the German one.
Amber is an essential part of the Aisčiai history. The tribal memories have kept all the information related including those the use of amber. The Aisčiai tribes lived in the territory of Prussia, Lithuania and Latvia. The Prussia does not exist any more. So the remaining inhabitants of Lithuania and Latvia are what are left of the tribes.

The Spirit of Aisčiai opens up its spiritual treasures and strengths to those presently living in the territory and considering it as their Motherland. They have to have the courage to embrace it with their hearts open.

The Spirit of Aisčiai talks through the Amber found the traditional way by fishing it out of the Baltic Sea.

May be this book shall awaken your memory buried in the tribal genes?

Amber is a special organic material which has amorphic structure – just like Lithuania itself. Over centuries Lithuania has adopted so many various ideas, however has managed to keep its integrity and even the language. This is due to the ability to think in amorphic structures, that include all other structures and the same time retain its form. Therefore, Lithuania is like amber, all and nothing at the same time, the remains of the essence of essence. Who of you can remember this?

Photographs in the book display items at the Mizgiris Amber Museum.

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